Best of Mexico City! Pata de Perro

One of the favorite parts of what I get to do is celebrate people who love their places. Gabriel Talavera is one of these people!  It's contagious when people love the places they invest in.  Gabriel knows his city and the stories it holds. With a history as an architect it is like being invited to time travel through the ages of this ancient capital as he describes the city. Check him out in the recent Satori Guide of Roma and Condesa!

When and how did you start the business? What is the concept? 

I started in November 2013 with a Day of the Dead experience tour in Coyoacan. I decided to leave my boring corporate job and start this business to combine my love for showing the authentic side and experiences of the Mexico City. I used to take my friends who visited the city to my favorite places like mercados, plazas, and explain to them a little bit about the history.  I really enjoyed this and realized that it would be a great idea for a business.  The concept is to help visitors to Mexico City enjoy and learn about this great city as if they were walking around with a friend.

What inspires your work? 

The authenticity of all of the different neighborhoods in the city and their people.  I am inspired by the mosaic of culture, public art, flavors and architecture that you can find in each space you visit and explore.




Is there something you are currently working on, or are excited about starting that you can tell us about? 

From all of the experience we have collected tailoring customized tours for academic groups and tourists from around the world, we are now working with international companies in DF to show their executives and visiting colleagues the city. We are also designing multiple-day and authentic all-inclusive destination tours and we hope to launch these soon. 

What do you love about your neighborhood? What inspires you?

 I love that everything you want is very accessible, from a stand with flowers to fresh squeezed orange juice.  I love that many neighborhoods in DF are walkable and that you can see the original neighborhood businesses like the shoe repair store, the taqueria and there’s always a local market.

Where would you tell someone to go on their first trip to DF?

 Lucha Libre and to wander around La Merced market.  I would also recommend people go to Teotihuacan and Garibaldi. 

Thanks for the beautiful picture Gabriel! Find out more about him and his company Pata de Perro DF here!