Kyoto Explorer is an in-depth look at Kyoto’s past and present. We will spend our days exploring the finely built beauty of the city. Each day offers a deep look into the corners of this city through its delicious food, amazing architecture, and nuanced history. The quiet and rhythmic pace offers the chance for travelers to get to know this city by spending enough time with each garden, cup of tea, and temple.

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Price: $4750

Trip Costs  Include:

Daily breakfast and additional meals as indicated

All accommodation, based on sharing a room

In-country transportation including buses, taxis, trains, and planes

Round-trip airport transfers


Curated commentary and guiding by a Satori Travel leader

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Somewhere in between the ultramodern high speed trains and the ancient sound of temple bells lies daily life in Japan. Like a haiku it is succinct, beautiful, and incredibly attuned to seasons. It is a place that knows the reach of it’s own topography both geographically and culturally. It exquisitely offers up it’s food, culture, and landscape in exactly right the doses of accesibility and mystery. Tokyo offers it’s vast pulsing energy to project millions of people through their lives in it’s high reaching skyscrapers and it’s deep subway tunnels. The mountains rumble with their volcanic power and awe inspiring ruggedness. Kyoto’s expectation of beauty and knowledge lies in it’s soul and dares it’s visitors to challenge it. To travel in Japan is to glimpse, taste, and explore It is a place that demands a relationship in understanding a place and people steeped in tradition.




April 15-24th, 2016

Day 1

Depart USA for Osaka

Day 2


Transfer from Osaka by train to the beautifully designed hotel located close to Kyoto’s incredible National Museum and the temple of a thousand Buddhas.

Kyoto Hyatt Regency

Day 3

Yasaka Shrine to Kyo-mizu dera

Kyoto is like an incredible tapestry that as you get closer, you keep noticing more and more intricacies, and yet when you step back, the whole picture is beautiful too. We begin our time together in Kyoto with a walk that highlights a few of the essential elements of Kyoto: temples, teahouses, and villas. We spend the morning meandering down the crooked streets into grand halls and beautiful little courtyards.

In the evening we open our trip with a dinner together on Kyoto’s iconic Ponto-cho

Kyoto Hyatt Regency

Breakfast and Dinner

Day 4 

Fushimi Inari 

Today we head slightly out of the city to Southern Kyoto to experience the iconic shinto shrine Fushimi Inari. Famous for its thousands of vermillion tori gates this temple's meandering paths offer incredible views. This shrine is one of the oldest in Kyoto. It was founded in the year 711 and, still active, it holds an important role as the temple for the Shinto god of rice and prosperity locally and throughout Japan. 

Kyoto Hyatt Regency


Day 5

Momijiya Ryokan

Taking a leisurely morning for walks and short individual explorations we set out a bit later today for our trip out of the city. We take a short drive out into the bamboo laden hills surrounding Kyoto to our mountain ryokan by the Kiyotaki-gawa River. Here we enjoy traditional Japanese food and settle into the simple ritual of delicately prepared food, hot baths, and natural wonder.

Momijiya Ryokan

Breakfast and Dinner

Day 6


In the shade of the immaculately cared for bamboo forest, we spend the day in Arashiyama, a nationally-designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty. We will visit Nonomiya Shrine in the heart of the bamboo forest. Nestled at the base of Storm Mountain (Arashi-Yama) and in the Oi River valley, this place has long-held significance for Japanese culture for it’s magical spring water and natural beauty and is home to many temples and shrines. We return for another night at Momijiya Ryokan.

Momijiya Ryokan

Breakfast and Dinner

Day 7

Nishikidojodori-Food Street and Cooking Class

We jump into Japanese culinary traditions today first by a tour of Kyoto’s finest food street which is packed with delicacies, kitchen supplies, teas, and sweets. Continuing on with our culinary exploration we learn to make traditional Japanese food in the home kitchen of Yuko, a renowned cook and teacher.

Kyoto Hyatt Regency

Breakfast and Lunch

Day 8

Ryoan-ji and Myorenji 

Today we contemplate Zen temples and their famous rock gardens. We begin early in the morning at Ryoan-ji which is considered one of the most refined rock gardens in Japan. It is meant to be seen from a seated position from the building adjoining it and is composed of fifteen larger rocks placed amongst precisely raked patterns of pebbles. The design offers the viewer seemingly endless possibilities for views by never allowing your eyes to see all the large rocks at once.

Kyoto Hyatt Regency


Day 9

Eastern Kyoto

Our last full day in Kyoto we explore some hidden gems off of the beaten path by steeping ourselves in the gardens and temples of Eastern Kyoto. We make our way to Shisendo, home temple, and garden of poet-preist Jozen Ishikawa and wander through the neighborhood which has been home to samurai families, artists, poets, and  intellectuals for hundreds of years. The afternoon leaves time for individual treasure-hunting. We meet up at night for our final dinner to mark the end of our voyage together.

Kyoto Hyatt Regency

Breakfast and Dinner

Day 10 

Transfer to Osaka

Departure to USA