We design  small, exquisitely focused trips that reflect the passions of our clients. We see travel as a way to open ourselves to new experiences through incredible art, delicious food, and the adventure of exploring new places. Our tours are designed to foster a sense of curiosity, creativity, and fun.  We care about sustaining the places we go and maintain strong relationships with people and small business that we return to time and time again. We run a number of planned itineraries to our favorite destinations, and are also available for custom travel.

We take a small number of curated trips each year. These journeys highlight a carefully selected set of meals and places that we find deep inspiration from. These itineraries are born out of extensive exploration and relationships. These trips offer introductions to the countries we love and offer an experience that allows travelers to be transported to the uniqueness of each place through food, art, and culture.  Check out our planned itineraries below!

Also we create unique trips for you, by offering custom itineraries  that offer incredible experiences based on your passions. Please contact us if you’d like to set up a custom trip with us.

Chelsea Wills

Chelsea is an artist, educator, and traveler. She holds a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley in Arts Education and has shown her work nationally and internationally at museums and galleries such as Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Jose Museum of Arts, and the London Biennale.  She has lectured at Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.  She has been leading trips internationally since 2010.  

She began traveling as a baby and never stopped. Raised in a family of adventure travel guides, she understands what a mind expanding experience good travel can be. Her art work is deeply informed by place and reflects her passion for exploring the world. She has lived in and travelled extensively in Latin America, Asia, and Europe and maintains a wide-network of artists intellectuals working in these countries.  

From labyrinthine markets to traditional gardens to avant-garde restaurants, Chelsea can often be found exploring new places through food traditions.  Food and its central role in culture and place is an inspiration in Chelsea's art work, and great food finds a prominent place in her travels.  Her trips are full of unique aromas and inspiring flavors. 

 Her expertise lies in her commitment to culture and the arts.  As an artist, she has unprecedented access to a community of artists world wide. Her tours connect people to artists and the art of the regions through intimate and in-depth explorations of studios, museums, and galleries. She is fascinated by exploring the world and its diverse artistic traditions. Her passion and enthusiasm for art and culture is contagious.